Umweltmedizin - Hygiene - Arbeitsmedizin Band 18, Nr. 5 (2013)


Aus dem Inhalt:

  • Buchankündigungen
  • Mold – which health risks may arise from it?
    (Gabrio Thomas; Szewzyk Regine; Fischer Guido; Hurraß Julia; Herr Caroline; Eikmann Thomas; Heinzow Birger; Wiesmüller Gerhard Andreas)
  • GHUP Nachricht Aktuell
  • Frequently asked questions about possible health effects of indoor mold exposure - Answers from a panel of experts at four workshops of the Society of Hygiene, Environmental Medicine and Preventive Medicine (GHUP)
    (Wiesmüller Gerhard Andreas)
  • Isolation of fungal DNA from building materials
    (Wackerl Angelika; Groß Andrea; Hurraß Julia)
  • Assessment of the health risks associated with exposure to bioaerosols
    (Herr Caroline)
  • Public and Occupational Health Considerations for safe remediation after natural disasters with water damage, dampness and mold in the USA and Canada
    (Johanning, M. Sc., Eckardt)
  • Autorenhinweise